About Lumiance

Established in 1934, Lumiance is a leading lighting manufacturer serving both the installation and distribution markets. Its name originates in the French words luminaire, for light fitting, and ambiance: together they portray lighting that creates atmosphere. Lumiance has won numerous prestigious international design awards with products renowned for their durability, safety, quality, reliability, ease of installation, functionality and contemporary design.

With more than 800 products, Lumiance offers a wide range of contemporary luminaries bringing vitality and visual comfort. The luminaries are designed for use within professional medium-to-large interior and exterior applications such as retail, offices, public buildings, hotels and restaurants throughout the world. Lumiance offers high supply reliability because products are delivered from stock. The products find their way to the end user through the contractor, lighting specialist or interior designer. Sales and distribution are the joint responsibility of ourselves and our local partners, most notably electrical and lighting wholesalers. 



1934 - Founding of Hiemstra Evenblij.

1954 - Company becomes part of Heybroek-Z-lander NV (Technische Unie).

1960 - Name changed into Hiemstra Evolux.

1976 - Hiemstra Evolux becomes part of the Rotaflex Group.

1984 - Name changed into Lumiance BV. ( Lumiance and Ambiance)

1987 - Lumiance BV becomes part of GTE.

1993 - Lumiance BV becomes part of Sylvania Lighting International (SLI)


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