2022 Best Solar Lamp Posts

Have you ever wanted to buy a solar lamp post? They look nice and quite functional. Aside from the additional brightness, they also add a unique appeal to your outdoor space.  Unlike traditional lamp posts that require high maintenance and are difficult to install, solar lamp posts are easier to put up and convenient to… Continue reading 2022 Best Solar Lamp Posts

2022 Best Torch Lights

Here’s a look at some of the best choices when it comes to solar lights and torches: 4-Pack Solar Torch Lights (TomCare) These solar lights from TomCare are classy and gorgeous. You can have these beautiful torch lights replace your standard torch lights that utilize real flames.  Pros: Waterproof  Tall enough at 43 inches  Safe… Continue reading 2022 Best Torch Lights

DIY Solar Light Ideas

It’s easy to make solar lights, and most of them do not require fancy tools. You can begin by using the stuff and tools you already own. Glass Solar Lamp This is likely the most classic solar light idea since the usual solar lights are made using glass. You only need three items to make… Continue reading DIY Solar Light Ideas

Solar Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Do you know what would make your garden look enchanting aside from plants and ornaments? Lights. Outdoor lighting can add dramatic appeal to your outdoor space, aside from being practical solutions in making the area brighter.  Here are some energy-efficient ideas on how to incorporate lighting into your garden and outdoor space: Incorporating Solar Lights… Continue reading Solar Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Lighting Trends in 2022

Despite being integral and the foundation of any home or business decor, lighting is not often talked about as much as carpets or furniture. It’s time to give the spotlight to where it is due this 2022. Here’s a look at the lighting trends that will continue to gain popularity this year. Smart Lighting Everything… Continue reading Lighting Trends in 2022

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Ways Good Lighting Can Help Your Business

What kinds of businesses can benefit from good lighting? A lot. However, there are specific industries that would gain more from the aesthetic and psychological effects that good lighting can bring. They include healthcare, supermarkets, restaurants, showrooms, and more.  How Good Lighting Can Boost Your Business? Here’s a look at the top factors why good… Continue reading Ways Good Lighting Can Help Your Business

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The Best Lighting Blogs

We’re proud to be part of the list of the best lighting blogs and share the recognition with other sites that have been in cyberspace far longer than us. It ignites our passion for becoming better, so we can provide people with the references they need to learn more about lighting. We’d like to share… Continue reading The Best Lighting Blogs

The Latest Lighting Trend – All about Functionality

Many residential and commercial properties are starting to use tunable white LED lighting solutions. Many of those who have tried consider them special and beneficial due to a lot of factors, including being therapeutic and aesthetic. Here are the top reasons for the attention being given to adjustable white LED lights: A single adjustable white… Continue reading The Latest Lighting Trend – All about Functionality

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