The Best Lighting Blogs

The Best Lighting Blogs

We’re proud to be part of the list of the best lighting blogs and share the recognition with other sites that have been in cyberspace far longer than us. It ignites our passion for becoming better, so we can provide people with the references they need to learn more about lighting.

We’d like to share the spotlight with the other blogs that made it on the list, including the following: 

Super Bright LEDs 

This blog shows LED lights, elements, and products such as light strips, car bulbs, decorative lighting, and household bulbs.

The Light Yard Blog

The team of The Light Yard is passionate about helping people obtain the design they want through indoor and lighting pieces. The blog shows wall lights, floor lamps, desk and table lamps, path lights, wall lights, interior and exterior lights, and many more. 

Capitol Lighting

The company has been providing lighting solutions since 1924. They run a blog based on years of tenure and tackle inspiration, tips, and ideas for lighting, home decorations, and interior designing. 


LEDinside publishes the market trend, financial information, and technology of the LED industry worldwide. 


The blog posts different lighting-related content and updates about LED technology. 


DelightFULL is a blog about unique lamps, interior design, architecture, home decoration, and mid-century and modern lighting. 

Avonni Lighting

Avonni Lighting is a blog where you can see news about the latest trends in lighting. You can also find information about decorating using lights and many more. 

Litecraft Lighting

At Litecraft Lighting, you can read posts about lighting solutions, interior design, and home decoration, among many others. You can also navigate the website to help you find the ideal lights for you. This blog can help you find lights for different uses. They have lighting ideas to offer to everyone. 

Lighting Connection 

The Lighting Connection blog is all about the available lighting options available. The blog aims to bring the latest lighting styles to your home. 

LED professional 

LED professional is a technology machine that focuses on the lighting industry, specifically on electrics and optics used for general lighting.

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