The Most Luxurious Lighting Brands

The Most Luxurious Lighting Brands

If luxury is your priority in lighting, here’s a list of the top brands:

Tom Dixon

The brand is leading in light production in British design. Tom Dixon is known to create visually appealing and innovative lighting. Tom Dixon started the company in 2002. The brand shows uniqueness, from pendant lights to sophisticated home pieces.


Barlas Baylar, the founder of Hudson Furniture Gallery, conceptualized this design room in the Meatpacking District a decade ago. He aims to show sculptural and large-scale furniture pieces and lighting designs. Their products are handmade by a team of expert craftsmen in a New York atelier.

Sans Souci 

Sans Souci, a Czech-based company, manufactures one-of-a-kind luxurious interior decorations in different parts of the globe. Decorative lighting pieces and fixtures are a big part of the company’s production. Their lighting products are considered pieces of art rather than traditional lighting.


Terzani is known for redefining the luxurious way of designing and producing lights. They are known for their light, shadow, and spaces because they use innovation and new production processes. Their goal is to reshape different spaces with their pieces.


The design concept of Serip is natural and organic shapes. That’s why they have an exclusive lighting design called organic lighting. They offer lighting pieces that are uneven, round, spiral, and disproportional. 


Occhio takes pride in its smart lighting solutions. These solutions are great for different needs. The company made an integrated modular luminaire system that is ideal for different lighting needs. Occhio connects through different spaces and makes it possible to light up buildings in the best quality because of their consistent lighting quality and design. 


The mission of LASVIT is to convert glass into amazing light and design. Leon Jakimic established the brand in 2007. He transformed Bohemian glass into something applicable to the next age and combined glass with new technologies and creativity.


KAIA, a brand based in London and Vienna, makes refined lighting pieces that combine aesthetic and function. 


The main goal of Prandina, a lighting design company from Italy, is to follow a fundamental creative belief. That is to make lighting pieces that are functional, lasting, simple, and formal.

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