DIY Solar Light Ideas

DIY Solar Light Ideas

It’s easy to make solar lights, and most of them do not require fancy tools. You can begin by using the stuff and tools you already own.

Glass Solar Lamp

This is likely the most classic solar light idea since the usual solar lights are made using glass. You only need three items to make a glass solar lamp – a glass jar, masking tape, and cardboard. A glass jar is a good choice to illuminate a small area. You can make more of them if you plan to decorate a big space. 

Jack-O-Lantern Lights

Are you thinking of ways to make your jack-o-lanterns look unique on Halloween? You can do it by making a solar light. 

DIY Mason Jar Solar Light

Mason jars have many uses in crafting. Similar to the glass solar lamp, you can have the same feel as real solar lights with this mason jar solar light. What makes this project more interesting is that you can have fun with various colors since mason jars are available in different hues. 

Solar Mushroom Lighting

Mushrooms made using frosted lampshades are good decorations if you want to illuminate your flower garden. You don’t need to spend much when you buy frosted lampshades. 

You can even use your old frosted lampshade if you have one at home. You can also build a mushroom lampshade from scratch using any glassware if you’re up for a little more challenge.

Solar Bottle Light

For this DIY solar light idea, you’ll need used bottles. You can make your solar bottle more vibrant when using LED lights with various colors. 

Orb Light

You can hang your orb lights on your trees or place them anywhere to create a different appeal. Orb lights look magical when they begin illuminating light at night. The more orb lights you use, the more it would appear like stars are shining on the ground or up the trees.

It’s not that difficult to make your own solar lights. All you need are the right tools, patience, and lots of imagination. You can get complete instructions and other ideas on what to do on various video-sharing platforms.

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